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Short of players ?

Never lack players for your game again. Our football matchmaking app makes sure your games will always be complete

Looking for a fun team ?

No more boring Sunday afternoons without football. Join a team and get to socialize with new people you meet ! 

Losing time organizing ?

Create a game and easily invite your friends
 without sending dozens of texts. Moovle automates the rest of your organisation

Find football games

Moovle is a football matchmaking app that helps you find football games, teams & players in your city. We are the community you were looking for



We are 2 young and passionate Belgian entrepreneurs who know what it's like to enjoy football.

We also know what it's like not to find enough people to play with. 

That's why we've created Moovle.


Create a game & invite players

futbol Say how many players you need to fill up your spots

futbol Easily invite team members and friends, or reach the           entire community with one click

futbol Keep track of who will be attending the game


Find & join football games in your city

futbol Discover games close to you

futbol Join the game you want. For free

futbol Quickly add the game to your calendar

Organize your team or join one

futbol Make your own team page and invite your friends

futbol Manage your team

futbol Organise your team's games


Any questions about Moovle ?

Send us a message and we will be answering you quicker than Ronaldo scoring his goals.



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